Window Cleansing Poles – Drinking Water Fed Poles


Window cleansing poles. Also typically recognised as drinking water fed poles are rapidly turning into the business conventional in window cleaning. You may need waterfed poles cape town.

The outdated classic system of applying a bucket and squeegee etc is getting less utilised as window cleaners find the total safety and flexibility window cleansing poles give you.

Window cleaning used to be an artwork sort, standard in its execution, while, lots of attempted and failed.

Most falls to window cleaners entail the use of moveable ladders significant and modest that are essentially mounted on top of auto. In recent times figures for accidents claimed to HSE and local authorities display that concerning two and seven window cleaners are already killed annually in Wonderful Britain and about 20-30 experience major accidents as a result of falls involving ladders. While you can assume, this can be a reasonably modest dilemma as accidents go. Not should you be a window cleaner although. An excellent deal window cleaners go through significantly less significant accidents that end result in various days off function.

The person inside the street would likely relish a couple of days off in this article and there, but not if you’re a window cleaner who’s self employed and won’t obtain any unwell pay.

What is The answer?

The window cleansing pole/water fed pole

What on earth is a window cleansing pole/water fed pole?

A window cleansing pole/water fed pole is basically an extended carbon fibre (or other resources) pole that is certainly made in sections that reach. You are able to generally get them in numerous dimensions from 10ft to 45ft and higher, while it truly is deemed just a little pointless heading greater because they are significantly less powerful.

The process of and methodology driving the pole is wherever pure water is pumped by means of a hose reel, up the telescopic window cleansing pole/water fed pole and passes by means of jets. These jets can be found from the brush that is definitely located for the top of your window cleansing pole. These jets spray a light-weight stream on to the floor of your glass as well as operator just agitates glass loosening the dust. With simple upwards and sideways actions the glass is clear inside a matter of seconds.

Any dust or dust particles held inside the glass are basically flushed absent through the continual stream of water from the jets.

Are you able to use usual faucet drinking water to wash a window?

The simple response is sure. Effectively, indeed and no really. You will get your window cleanse employing typical faucet h2o, even so the h2o has calcium particles and plenty of impurities that may be left to the glass once the h2o dries. You’d probably have that milky white effect where you’d be equipped to write down your name. Not what I might connect with a clear window.

Pure Water You Say?

By pure h2o, I suggest of distilled drinking water or de-mineralised h2o. This drinking water isn’t going to exist obviously. It’s to become produced by making use of a process of de-ionised resin vessels, pre filters, filters and h2o softeners. It can be quite a straightforward approach and pure h2o may be created either within a van, place of work or maybe your private home. My pure drinking water method is properly packaged in my garage in your house.

When this pure water is placed on the glass by the use of the window cleaning pole/water fed pole, there isn’t any mineral content or calcium and so on; thus, when it dries on the glass your windows are properly thoroughly clean since the pure h2o has been equipped to soak up the dirt.


Window cleaners working with these poles can now access people not easy to get to places with ease and without having any risk. Due to the fact they do not really need to use ladders anymore, window over conservatories and extensions can be a breeze. Windows that are three and 4 storeys up can now be cleaned easily. These poles also make it possible for you to definitely cleanse window frames and window sills for the very same time which supplies the client an additional provider and enables the window cleaner to acquire extra function!